Food in the Streets is my professional alias. The name demonstrates my interest for food, its role in our daily lives and in the city. I graduated in architecture, but grew a passion for food-related topics and green in the city. In 2012 I decided to move to Milan, the city of fashion, furniture and food and develop my (natural) skills for organisation.

As Food in the Streets I organise and host (customized) food tours and trips and make you discover the local food culture of Milan. Plan an inspiration trip through Milan and discover the newest trends in (food) retail and the best places to go? Then contact me for a personalised proposal.


Milano Food Week

The Milano Food Week hosts events like TUTTO FOOD, The Taste of Milano and events on Piazza XXV Aprile, in front of Eataly Smeraldo. All the

Supermarket of the Future (2)

Milan is becoming the food capital of Italy. At least, that is what I like to believe. After the Expo Milano 2015 , the universal exposition, the city of fashion and design is becoming more and more a reason to visit when you are a food lover or just a curious tourist that likes to enjoy some good Italian food. A lot of new restaurants and food shops have opened, online business start to sell local quality products and (design) schools (think of SPD's Master in Food Design and Innovation) and fairs dedicated to food (like Tutto Food), are growing. But what's in for the Milanese and their daily grocery shopping? Although most neighbourhoods in Milan have fresh food markets at least once a wee

Supermarkets of the future (1)

Internet has completely changed our shopping habits. Shops are closing down, city centers are desperately looking for new functions while delivery services are racing from door-to-door. Also the food sector has gone through a big change. You can order your grocery online and pick-it up at the supermarket or get it delivered at your doorstep, quality restaurants use foodora, deliveroo and other sites to bring meals right on their guests' dining tables and farmers sell their products through online platforms. But it seems now that there is a desire to go offline again. In the last months of 2016 many 'new' supermarket concepts were launched. For me the most surprising news was from Amazon, tha

Popular food-topics

In the last two years I stayed in contact with you through facebook, which I believe is a perfect platform to share news, opinions and the latest discoveries from food land. Below and overview of the five most read messages of 2016. Besides talking about food and organising food trips, I also like to cultivate my own dinner. This summer I finally managed to grow some mini-tomatoes in a small container right outside my kitchen window. The picture I made of my mini urban farm after a thunderstorm became very popular on my facebook page. This year I have a serious balcony on which I have lot's of space to grow veggies, so soon more pictures will follow. In January, the visit to the new bar 150U

Inge de Boer is lid van Wereldstadgidsen. Dit is een netwerk van Nederlandstalige kwaliteitsgidsen. Met onze wandel- of fietstours, excursies en kwaliteitsdiensten op maat maken wij de citytrip van Nederlanders en Vlamingen een fantastische ervaring .

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