Food in the Streets is back in town!

After long period of silence, Food in the Streets has a renewed website and is ready to rock the food world! This website is more dynamic and allows me show the world my latest projects and enables to to share news, opinions, reviews, and reports.

After Expo 2015, Milan turns out to become more and more popular. An insert that came with today's Corriere della Sera confirmed this: the cities beat Rome by number of tourists, has a wide offer of places to sleep and - important for Food in the Streets - is getting more and more interesting for food lovers interested in traditional local stores, exotic flavors or the newest food shopping experiences.

I hope to see you often on this website or on the facebook page of Food in the Streets. And off course your are welcome in Milan where I can show you around the most important local food hotspots.


Inge de Boer is lid van Wereldstadgidsen. Dit is een netwerk van Nederlandstalige kwaliteitsgidsen. Met onze wandel- of fietstours, excursies en kwaliteitsdiensten op maat maken wij de citytrip van Nederlanders en Vlamingen een fantastische ervaring .

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