Food tours in Milan

One of my specialities is organising food trips for professionals. During these trips we visit local shops in Milan that produce and/or sell food of excellent quality. One of the tours I organised for Way of Wine, a Dutch importer of wines.

Here I can write a short report on the Way of Wine trip.

A good introduction to Milan is the Old Milano Food Tour, a guided visit of two hours in which you discover the history of Milan through the lens of food. During the tour there are also five tasting of locally produced foods that demonstrate the quality of Milans' agricultural surroundings.

For foodlovers from abroad, entering Eataly is like entering in Paradise. Therefore a stop here is always included. Here the visitor gets to know more about the idea behind this luxury supermarket selling high quality Italian products.

After lunch we had a mini-course of coffee tasting and brewing in the Coffeestudio of settegrammi cafè, provider of coffee to amongst others the Moleskine bars. The barrista's of this high-profile coffee brand demonstrated how the brewing process influences the taste (espresso, filtered, poured over) and showed some secrets of latte art.

The afternoon continued with a visit to a pastificio where fresh pasta is made and served. Nadia from Emiliana Tortelini and her staff, quickly introduced the Dutchies to some tricks of pastamaking. Off course, there was also the opportunity to taste these delicacies.

Before heading for dinner, we organised a wine tasting with the wines of Picco Macario that were really appreciated.

This tour is just and example of the many opportunities that Milan offers. Are you interested to come to Milan and do a food trip? Don't hesitate to contact me.