Popular food-topics

In the last two years I stayed in contact with you through facebook, which I believe is a perfect platform to share news, opinions and the latest discoveries from food land. Below and overview of the five most read messages of 2016.

Besides talking about food and organising food trips, I also like to cultivate my own dinner. This summer I finally managed to grow some mini-tomatoes in a small container right outside my kitchen window. The picture I made of my mini urban farm after a thunderstorm became very popular on my facebook page.

This year I have a serious balcony on which I have lot's of space to grow veggies, so soon more pictures will follow.

In January, the visit to the new bar 150UP on the border of the Isola area in Milan, became a facebook success. This coffeebar, located in a quiet street, is perfect for a break or a (business) appointment. They also have a studio where you can hire a coworking desk and a small shop were they sell designers products.

In the Spring of 2016 I was busy both with ROOFmatters and the ROOFdinners we organised, as well as with the wake-up talk we organised as ZUP the recipe for change. In both cases we used (quality) food and a pretty atmosphere as an 'excuse' to get people together and make them exchange ideas, experiences and knowledge while enjoying good food.

For the Old Milano Food Tour, we've foreseen different tastings of local quality products. During the last tours, we've tasted the bread of Panificio Davide Longoni, that makes bread with sour dough and uses organic cereals milled on a stonemill. Longoni has a shop/bar in the Mercato del Suffragio that opened just over a year ago. Here you can read an article in which I share my ideas about these kind of markets.

I love sweet pastries and baking them is one of my favorite kitchen-activities. I really enjoyed making the cookies you see below. The recipe comes from the Dutch website Uit Pauline's Keuken.