Should I stay or should I go? (2/2)

A few days ago you could read what to do in summer in Milan, especially in the (early) morning. Below some suggestions to spent your afternoon in Milan.

The hottest period of the day, between noon and four o’clock are best spent in shops or in one of the many museums of the city. To recharge, have an ice cream. My secret hotspot in the city centre is Ciacco. Gelato senz'altro. You might pay a little more, but you definitely will taste the difference. When you prefer to remain in the open air, go to Parco Sempione, behind the Castello Sforzesco. Thanks to lush green grass and shady trees, this is the perfect place for a pick nick and a nap. Half way the afternoon you can get a drink or a snack in Locanda alla Mano that is run by people with the down syndrome. Also the pavilion is worth a visit, as it is designed by the famous Milanese Studio Italo Rota.

As soon as the temperatures become more acceptable, you can go to the navigli. It is a bit touristy here, but you will understand this considering the romantic atmosphere of the old buildings housed along the canals. Here you can go shopping in one of the many boutiques finishing the afternoon with a nice aperitivo. Try to get yourself a seat at MAG cafè, which is also a cosy hotspot during less hot days.

For dinner take the green metro line to Porta Garibaldi and exit at the Isola side. This area got a boost with the opening op Piazza Gae Aulenti as it became much better accessible. Below the famous and beautiful Bosco Verticale you find Cafè Gorille which serves modern Italian dishes. A few steps further you can enjoy the special and delicious pizza from Berberè.

In case you stay more days in Milan, then make sure you bring you swimming suit, so you can go for a refreshing dive in one of the many open-air swimming pools in Milan. For example the Bagni Misteriosi which have recently been renovated and re-opened to the public. The entrance fee is serious, but it guarantees a unique swimming experience. By the way, you can also decide to only visit the pool bar (un posto incredibile) and enjoy a lunch or aperitivo there.

In alternative, you can take the train to il lago. Lately I often go to Mandello del Lario where a park offers enough shade and you can easily enter the water. Collect your pick nick at the local shops or go to a lakeside terrace for an Italian lunch. The only thing left to do is enjoy the ultimate holiday feeling!