Food inspiration tours Milan

Milan has become the ideal destination for those who want to discover new food concepts and get inspired about the latest food trends that landed in the city.

Since a few years, Milan is hosting the yearly Milano Food Week, part of the Milano Food City program which includes events like Taste of Milano, Seeds&Chips and Tutto Food. However, the attention for food is not limited to just this one-week a year: in Italy food is important always, every minute of every hour.

Although Italy is a country rich of traditions, loved by the Italians themselves and the millions of tourists coming to ‘il Bel Paese’ every year, Milan is a city open to innovations and new food concepts. This has to do amongst others with the many nationalities living in the city, each of them bringing their own local delicacies. Also the increasing number of tourists invites new businesses to open and experiment with new food concepts.

In this link an example of an inspiration trip I've co-organised in May 2018 for a group of professionals from the food sector.

I had some opportunities to organise and/or be the local expert, for food inspiration trips and trendtours to Milan and more are planned for later this year. The food trends I’ve seen in Milan in the last few years have been the opening of hamburger restaurants, some chains still open and expanding, and more recently the pasta bars in which you can compose your own pasta dish: from the type of pasta to sauce, cheeses and other add-ons. I should not forget to mention the bubble tea, a trendy drink from Taiwan, made with black or green tea which you can have hot or cold. These bubble tea bars pop-up everywhere and in the hot-spots of the city, like Via Paolo Sarpi and around Piazza Duomo, one stumbles over people with a plastic cup of bubble tea in their hands.

Sometimes innovation doesn’t need to be some new. It is more important to be different than the others and deliver a good products in the right ambiance and correct service level. It can also be an ice cream bar selling ice cream made with liquid nitrogen (yes, chemistry!), a coffee bar offering a decent workplace or a kebab-store using high-quality ingredients.

During the preparation of food inspiration tours in Milan, I have also discovered food concepts that are different then others and have the change to live a long life. As for example SIX in Via Scaldasole, Eataly Smeraldo, the Lavazza Flagship store around the corner of Galleria Vittoria Emanuele II or some of the Carrefour supermarkets in the center of Milan.

I promise there are many more to see and with the first Starbucks in Italy to open in September 2018 in the center of Milan, there are even more reasons to organise a food inspiration tour or trendtour to Milan. See you soon!

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