Milano Food City

Milano Food City, Week&Food, Milano Food Week. It makes me hungry. But also a bit confusing. One thing is clear: there is going to be a lot of food in Milan this week.

The event Milano Food City, that should become as big as the Milan Design Week (held in April every year) and the Fashion weeks, was announced already a few months ago. It is an understandable initiative of the municipality that wants to become the Capital of Food. After Expo Milano 2015, where the then major Pisapia and more than one hundred of his colleagues signed the Milan Food Pact and where the Centre for Food and Law was founded, they have to keep-up high their reputation as food-city.

My Milano Food Week started well with an Old Milano Food Tour I organised for a group of enthusiastic American ladies that are touring the north of Italy. After a rainy but interesting walk through Brera, where we tasted some local delicacies, like the cheese from Cascina Zipo and the bread from Panificio Grazioli, we headed for Zaini where we were received with some sweet chocolates.

The second part of the program was dedicated to Eataly Smeraldo. Here I organised a guided visit that included a tasting of some of the many (fresh) products they have on offer. If the idea of this makes you hungry, please contact me and I can organise you a food tour too!

Back to Milano Food City. Yesterday I finally got clear how all the different events are related to each other. Milano Food City is the umbrella-organisation, initiated by the municipality, the region and Confcommercio, a national organisation for entrepreneurs. Because of this initiative, there are other organisations that started events like Week&Food and Milano Food Week. The first one hosting amongst others the fair Tutto Food and Seeds&Chips, a bi-annual event on food and tech that has Barack Obama as a keynote speaker this year.

The Milano Food Week is actually the most senior event, as it is already celebrating its 8th anniversary. I actually got to know it in 2012, when I participated to a receipe exchange in the centre of the city. It had it's peek (at least, for now) in the year of Expo Milano 2015, when they opened 'The Tank' in the Porta Romana area, hosting hundreds of events in only a few months.