A three day food trip in Milan

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit over ten supermarkets in less than three days. For most of you this might not be the ideal way to spent your time, but don't worry, it wasn't shopping we where doing here. At least, not for food or other wares available here.

The three-day program for the food inspiration tour I prepared for my client, had as a goal to bring their clients, all related to the supermarket business, to different inspirational retail locations in Milan. Once going home, they would have collected enough information to apply some of the things they had seen in their own situation.

We started the food trendtour in Arese where a huge commercial centre was opened a year ago. The group was welcomed by the responsible for fresh products which explained us all about the beautiful corners dedicated to fresh bread and sweet pastries, cheese and cold cuts. While tasting some of the delicacies on sale, we slowly walked towards the gastronomy department where clients could enjoy a piece of meat just bought at the butcher or a fresh fish from the fish monger. All this accompanied by a salad harvested that morning in the supermarkets own greenhouse. "People can really take a break here", says the woman that shows us around.

Day two of the study trip dedicated to food retail started-off in the peripheries where two different supermarket chains opened innovative stores. One of them is unique for its offer of fresh products and ready-to-eat meals, which can even be enjoyed in the supermarket itself, while the other excels in the quality of the products that are sold under its homebrand 'Viaggator Goloso'.

The second part of the day happened in the centre of the city, around Piazza Duomo. I scheduled visits to different luxury supermarkets in the centre of 'milan food city'. One of them is trying to expand its market abroad, so the visit of this Dutch group was also interesting for them. Half-way the afternoon, it was time for some leisure: a visit to the Duomo rooftop and free time to discover the city using the suggestions I gave them.

Day three was for walking. A perfect introduction to two central but completely different supermarkets of the French chain Carrefour, learned us that experimenting is risky and not always economically interesting, but necessary and useful. After a coffee break at a famous italian coffee brands' bar, we headed to the most exceptional stores of the trip, both situated on a stone's throw from Porta Garibaldi. Here we first saw expensive fashion, books and art collected in a beautiful old building and then most italian delicacies together exposed to the clients in a former theatre.

After lunch just one more stop before heading to the airport. Because if you want to get inspired, you have to visit the supermarket of the future!

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